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Jacob & Co is a very young brand, established by the Jacob & Co Quenttin Jacob Arabo at New York in 1981, Jacob grew up on the jewelry industry where he has a strong interest, Jacob & Co initially is only a small jewelry industry workshop, specifically for private clients to design and build Some jewelry. One of his customers is a R & B singer Faith Evans, after he introduced Jacob to the his friend who work in music area, Jacob began to attract people's attention. Inspired by the lifestyle of customers whose need to flying all day, Jacob decided to step into the watch industry. From the day that time, Jacob & Co is getting popular among the world and popular in the rich people circle. From the variety of Jacob & Co watch, the Quenttin Tourbillon is a stylish wristwatch that suitable for fashion and unique people.

The Quenttin Tourbillon is the first watch Jacob & Co Quenttin tourbillon produced having a 31-day power reserve along with a one-minute vertical tourbillon. Probably the most technical of timepieces, the movement of Quenttins can also be revolutionary for the reason that all wheels are placed around several axles arranged inside a horizontal position-like the gear box of the vehicle-rather than around one central axle- all visible via a complex transparent dial.

Take 700.100.20.NS.AA.4NS Material for reference: The Jacob & Co Quenttin watch Titanium Grade 5 Bezel with Carbon Fiber Applications; Vertical Tourbillon Visible through a Side Window measuring 21.55mm thickness and 56 x 47mm diameter. Featuring 31 days power reserve and exclusive manually wound Jacob&Co JCBM04 caliber movement. Have world Premiere with one-minute vertical Jacob & Co Quenttin price tourbillon and seven spring barrels. Available in hours, minutes and 30m water resistance functions. The power reserve indication only 18 limited edition pieces.

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