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Nowadays, Jacob & Co is one of the world's leading jewelry and watch manufacturers, who designed jewelry and Replica Watches to lead a new generation of New York fashion, many famous Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and so are the Jacob & Co watch's loyal fans, they believe that Jacob & Co Five Time Zone watch the United States well-known brands will enter China as well lead a new fashion trends. King Fook Jewellery Group, high quality jewelry and luxury Replica Watches famous Masterpiece by King Fook Hong Kong's exclusive introduced by Mr Jacob Arabo in New York founded JACOB & Co. Brand Replica Watches.

At Baselworld 2005 in Switzerland, Jacob & Co created a full handmake classic and perfect Diamond Tourbillion watch. This Diamond Tourbillion watch in addition to retaining the design style of the past has been the world's hundreds of millions of juvenile highly compelling whole diamond surface, the engine is falsified the previous Five Time Zones quartz movement design, equipped with precise automatic change winding tourbillon movement. All the change, make people condsider JACOB & Co. produced Replica Watches not only the appearance of the diamond packaging as a primary selling point apart, but also began to focus on the design of the watch function.

All JACOB & Co. watch is made in Swiss with exclusive Five Time Zone design, color and practical timepiece display function perfectly into the watch being. There are four different colors on the dial hour bezel, Jacob & Co Five Time Zone price are shown in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris time, along with the central hands display the local time, display the Earth five time zones in the same time, add date display, combined into an unexpected and useful features of durable and practical timepieces. Either costume or stainless steel program stainless steel program diamond bracelet, better match a variety of different hues but simple replacement watch band or tape, watch for the moment put a different style, complete with the wearer's different taste. The watch either perfectly match stainless steel or stainless steel diamond bracelet, and also better match a variety of different hues but simple replacement watch band or tape, make the watch change a different style in the moment as well as complete with the people's different taste.

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