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As a big brand Swiss Borel watch has been adhering to the "rugged, accurate and reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and practical," the conviction. It focused on the development of Ernest Borel watch high-tech fusion of traditional watchmaking in Switzerland, making it to perfection, and thus gain a strong foothold in the watch industry.

Founded in 1856, Ernest Borel has always been closely tied to the watchmaking region of the Swiss Jura, but was from the begining able to undergo rapid expansion throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, where the company is today one of the best-known quality swiss Made brands.

The brand remains loyal Ernest Borel watch prices to the values?and heritage of its founder, Jules Borel, blending elegance and tradition in Replica Watches with an unmistakable character for gents and ladies.

Ernest Borel Disk uses Geneva stripes, laden with sparkling diamond hour markers and Roman numerals scale scale, highlights a restrained and stiff with extraordinary qualities. Laden with blue blue on white willow dial pointer, in the rich color of the disk, but also enhance the effect of reading. Entire watch with silver color, a symbol of courage and clever, with Ernest Borel watch review butterfly-shaped trademark minimalist revealed by Borel in the 1940s and profound wisdom.

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