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Swiss watchmaker Borel made a watch Advanced Harmonic Collection series, the pure design and fine Swiss-made movement precision and diamonds combined. Replica Watches rendered lines Ernest Borel Harmonic watch and details giving a clean and elegant feeling. Harmonic Collection series of men and women, with 28mm and 41mm stainless steel case or stainless steel case color models.

Its name says it all, the Harmonic Collection watch is inspired by the elegant shapes from the harp, a classical music instrument and the delicacy of traditional Swiss watchmaking. The result is a sophisticated timepiece that reflects the authentic values of the Swiss brand created more than 155 years ago.

This Borel romantic, elegant brand connotation perfect fusion. Milky harp with corrugated stainless steel case with PVD rose gold material degree, to watch into the slightest noble fashionable, but also reflects the brand for the pursuit of quality, which reflect the quality of the pursuit after the fusion of fashion and romantic wrist table, demonstrate the wearer substitute one kind of lifestyle.

The sophisticated lines and rich details of its dial combined to fluid case and horns reveal a pure but elegant feeling to the watch.

Made of quality components, the Harmonic Collection is available for Ladies and Gents in 28mm and 41mm stainless steel or stainless steel bicolor case.

Harmonic Collection affectionate limited Ernest Borel Harmonic collection edition is a good choice, in addition to music with artistic content, in the perfect combination of mother of pearl and diamonds, with the elegant and lively, the most suitable for the elegant lady.

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