Ernest Borel Duke Replica Watches

Swiss Ernest Borel Duke Series Moon Phase Replica Watches

Phase watch in the past month with his assistant, people grasp the profit and loss, but also when the royal competing collection fashionable plaything; today, together with people experiencing mechanical Replica Watches quartz digital era of change, in the present age, the month wheel mechanical watch day turn table Ernest Borel Duke is still the best choice for fans highlight the taste. Swiss Ernest Borel Borel watch Duke series moon phase watch classical appearance bearer moon movement, it is the best choice today poetic Replica Watches fan.

Royal gestures of elegant bearing, I do not know how many boys and girls of the model Switzerland Borel watch in the early invasive plant, brands elegant and meticulous workmanship and romance, get a lot of European nobility favor and love, have the reputation of Hong Kong Pearl of the Orient when early or British Dependent territory, Borel can be said that the rich people love the brand in Hong Kong.

To reproduce Borel past royal style, skilfully Ernest Borel Duke collection Switzerland Plant complex calendar, week, month, etc. three calendar functions, through the double window shows a week and the month with a crescent blue steel pointer calendar, so that the wearer to easily grasp But times change every day. Duke moon phase watch, hollow moon phase is the most unique characteristic dotting layout, combined with the three-tier three-dimensional face plate, diamond-shaped pointer and three-dimensional cone-shaped hour markers, and strengthen the entire surface of the proud extravagance, so that the wearer is like living in palatial grandeur.

Duke series moon phase watch, strap quick release Ernest Borel Duke prix device is designed so that the wearer can be easily replaced without any tools strap, take another gift a replacement for the original leather strap, belt buckle decorated with brand butterfly cursive English abbreviation EB , even more refined extraordinary. Duke moon phase watch, using excellent texture crocodile embossed leather strap and rose gold PVD case, completely release the energy aristocratic luxury watch, worth every one loves luxury style consumers enjoy together Borel formula romantic.

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