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Cocktails Series Swiss Borel watch the most representative interpretation, inspired by European decorative style. 1940s, Borel Replica Watches available on a cocktail caused a Ernest Borel cocktail watch sensation, the industry have Bong it as "a masterpiece", was the appearance of the structure of the patent. Today, Borel bring historic continuity, colorful reproduction of the perfect combination of romantic classic, classic aesthetic, physical and mechanical and exquisite Swiss watchmaking, thin hollow division disc with high-end Swiss automatic movement rotates continuously formed extending outwardly from the inside dynamic kaleidoscope pattern, gorgeous elegant surfaced in an elegant retro essence of the mystery.

Dial a unique three-dimensional design, three-dimensional polygonal cross-sectional cut bare stone care, mosaic 6 natural diamonds, very feminine atmosphere. The same color on the bezel to dial ask dynamic layer of soft contours, and dial the same color leather strap, use of contrasting material it reflects modern simplicity, the beauty of the overall pattern of play to the extreme. Mutual Ernest Borel cocktail collection rotation of the hollow design surface, sparkling little diamond embedded in pairs rose Diamond care, emitting a gorgeous and dazzling light, increasing the overall sense of fashion Replica Watches, combining static and dynamic rich woman and charismatic.

Borel Cocktail Series watch is a tribute to feminine elegance, it can make the wearer more vividly reflect the gentle nature of a woman. Cup color blurred cocktails, people in the dream world and presents fascinating moonlight night sky blurred enjoy romantic; an elegant and romantic cocktail watch, but to lead in the most fashionable women into elegant and unique creative world. In double Ernest Borel cocktail review hollow chrysanthemum kaleidoscope patterns designed for modeling, it exudes a romantic glow in the rotation, and people can not help doubling in Elixir of Love night romance.

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