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To be loyal to those who make Ebel Brasilia watch series became a public pursuit of harmonious beauty, Ms. favorite design criteria, when this new meter with a classic elegant rectangular case, and its charming soft lines Ebel Brasilia mens formed sensual curve , firmly attached to the clothes on the wrist. Under the bold and innovative design, showing a unique geometric shape and gentle beauty, but they have a comfortable design, can not be detached from the wearer even more!

The new Ebel Brasilia watch mini version of the 2012 model reflects a desire to pursue good taste, and uses a dynamic dial design: a central location organic ornaments engraved pattern, elegant blue hands Ebel Brasilia watch and Roman numerals, and jade double "E" symbol treasure tables are placed at 3 o'clock.

This gold watch latest Ebel Brasilia main difference between the previous model is that it has a new, elegant design features - bordered diamond case. Two rows of diamonds on the case to create a joy, bright effect. Here, Brasilia Brasilia watch series are in perfect harmony with the proportions and clever details, in a pleasant atmosphere, has been further enhanced and brought to one kind of very irresistible temptation era.

The outer dial of Ebel Brasilia Ebel Brasilia chronograph watch uses unique mosaic technique, each of them are unique diamonds by skilled craftsmen, such as stars, gently fall on the dial, just like the Galaxy converging flow curve, between coiled wrist, ring poly Center dial, giving the overall design of infinite romantic poetry. Simple pointer slowly rotating thereon, and add more elegant and charming and luxurious style.

When wearing this watch, it will wishing to achieve the Ebel Brasilia review dream of a better time; to dream in mind, bearing in mind the minutes and seconds quietly passage of time, as you describe shining moment dream come true.

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