Concord C2 Replica Watches

Concord C2 Replica Watches Represent Elegance and Luxury

Concord C2 is a charming wrist watch conducted by Concord in 2012, it is inspired by the concept of the modern city and the outer is in sporting motif. The black and the gray Concord C2 watch are the design characteristics and domain tone in the Concord C2. The black stand for the power and permanence with a mysterious sense, the gray represent the intellectuality expressing the classic and historical feeling. The combination of the black and gray shape a masterpiece of the world, Concord C2. Concord C2 wrist Replica Watches embody human wisdom, times progress and the Concord C2 for sale fashion pursued by most younger, it is an elegant accessory that is indispensable. Under the black watch case, there is a powerful and marvelous movement inside the Concord C2. The unique black design idea let us arouse the unlimited and creative imagination. That watch is filled with sophisticated and mysterious hue, which evokes human’s curiosity wanting to explain its secret.

Concord C2 possess concordant proportion, in black Concord C2 review stainless PVD steel with extreme thin thickness showing the delicate sense and flow sense, measuring 43mm in the diameter and 13mm in the height, automatic winding and buckle in steel. It is water resistant to 100 meters, the watch case made from the titanium protect the watch from outer impact. The material of the watch surface is the sapphire glass, straps are the rubber or crocodile skin, back cover is in gold or titanium. There are several additional Concord C2 chronograph functions marched in the Concord C2, chronograph and showing the date and week. The most high spot is that 37 jewels built in the caliber with the vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour.

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