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Best Guide to Buy Your First Concord C1 Replica Watches

Concord is known for "concord", integrating the distinguished scientific and technological invention with the implicit style. Concord firstly published a watch series standing for "the spirit of the Concord C1 watch freedom " in the watch-manufacture, calling Concord C1, in 2008. It guides Concord Replica watch into a new times of bold innovation resorting to the futurism attitude. Concord wanted to emphasize modernity in the C1's design. A "watch of the future", or something ahead of its time. Movement wise, there is nothing special or innovative. The Chronograph models feature what is essentially a glorified ETA Valjoux 7750, which is the ETA Valgranges A07.211. I fail to see what is advanced or modern about a complication which has been around in form for almost 40 years.

The C1 is bold,. The watch seriously stands out due to the contrast of colors and materials. The most notable design element of the watch are the 8 large cube shapes on the bezel. The effect is almost a Concord C1 big date sunburst pattern, and it stands out well, the problem goes to legibility. It seems as though telling the time is an after thought in this watch. While there are 12 hours to be accounted for, there are 8 large elements that look like indicators. When you try to tell time on this watch, your eyes are going to be drawn to the big 8, which unfortunately serve no other purpose that being symmetrically place around the bezel. This watch wants there to be 8 rather than 12 hours. Thus the Concord C1 worldtime cubes detract significantly from the main purpose this accessory is meant to serve.The manner in which the rubber strap connects to the watch case is unique. A good idea in on paper, the design handicaps the watch insofar as you are stuck with your initial decision of steel bracelet or rubber strap. For integrity purposes, the rubber strap is fused to the case in a matter of speaking. Removing it causes damage, and interchanging it with the steel strap is technically possible, Concord C1 review but not recommended. Here again, Concord has played with unique styling taking into consideration form over function. Again, at this price point the user should be given more opportunity to play with the look and features of the watch, including the ability to mix and watch straps and bracelets.

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